Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I know nothing about trading….Will the courses be too advanced?

A: We have two coaching programs, one for beginners and one for advanced — you can learn more about each program by clicking on the Mentoring Programmes link.

Q: How long does it take to learn to trade successfully? What are the time-scales of your training programs?

A: Entry level coaching can last for over 6-months, and Advanced Level Coaching can last for over 12-months. Our coaching programs are structured around helping each and every new trader fully understand the core-trading strategies through our daily alerts and monthly group and 1-2-1 coaching webinars.

Q: I really like the sound of your style of coaching….but I am still not 100% on whether this is for me. Could I discuss in more detail with someone before taking it one-step further?
A: Yes, you can request more information by contacting us directly. You will have the opportunity to discuss all aspects of the coaching programs with Bill.

Q: I discussed your coaching with a friend and family members… they put me off by saying “Trading is a Risky Game”. I still want to go-ahead but would like a little assurance to the level of risk I could be exposed to?

A: Trading anything is risky if not approached professionally — our coaching programs teach traders how to effectively evaluate and manage risk at all levels. Our coaching is geared towards helping traders take the least amount of risk for the most amount of reward. If you would like further information please feel free to contact us.

Q: I have had a few members of my family and friends invest with other forex training companies, but didn’t get positive return on investment, what makes yours different?

A: Majority of the forex training companies are not real-time-traders themselves, they are promoters of training programs plus the majority are teaching old school strategies, across multiple market sectors. New traders will find it hard to grasp, such rather dangerous strategies and therefore not find success. We focus on sharing sharing two of our core strategies, one for short-term and one for long-term trading….they both work wonderfully well in all markets!